Life in Soweto

Last time I wrote I was saying goodbye to the orphanage.  What an amazing three months I had volunteering there, I can’t believe how quickly the time flew by.  I would highly recommend volunteering at the Johannesburg Othandweni orphanage, or […]

The rats are coming

Monday October 19th was back to business as usual, helping in the nursery with bath time and playing with the kids.  Heleen had an orthodontist appointment in the afternoon, so we decided to tag along with her and make an […]

Taking a bucket

Thursday, October 15, we got up super early and the 4 of us from our group headed out on a 4 hour game drive where we saw buffalo, birds, warthogs, elephants, impala, wildebeests, rheboks, baboons and many more animals, including […]

Lions need to eat too

After returning late Thursday evening (October 8) from Swaziland, I only had Friday morning at the orphanage before it was time to say goodbye (for now) and head off for a new adventure.  Marian and I would be picked up […]

It’s a zoo in here

Week 6 was a lot more interesting than the previous week!  First, I got to go to the Johannesburg zoo with the nursery kids and the grannies.  It was actually a lot of fun.  We all squashed into the vehicles, […]

Birthdays are the best

So our first day back at the orphanage after Kruger National Park, just happened to be my birthday!!!  And I LOVE my birthday!!!  I was happy to be celebrating in South Africa and with people that I’d become very close […]

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