Mel Moments

Don’t forget to check in

So I left Vilnius, Lithuania at 10:30pm on a red-eye Lux Express bus heading to Warsaw, Poland.  The bus was really comfortable, it had reclining seats, tvs, a bathroom, and water/coffee; but unfortunately for me it was completely full and […]

9 Rules of Freetown

Saturday we were up early to get ready and finish packing.  Then it was time to say goodbye, as Melody was heading home to Boston.  Always sad to say goodbye, but I know we’ll be seeing each other again at […]

4 flights, 4 countries

So my last few days in Winnipeg before leaving for Europe were pretty hectic.  A lot of very late nights and very early mornings, and working every day up until I left.  It was really hard trying to get everything […]

Birthdays are the best

So our first day back at the orphanage after Kruger National Park, just happened to be my birthday!!!  And I LOVE my birthday!!!  I was happy to be celebrating in South Africa and with people that I’d become very close […]

Return to Oz

I left Winnipeg on July 28 amidst a lot of chaos.  I, of course, left everything last minute, and struggled to get all my packing done.  It wasn’t so much the packing for my trip, although there was some struggle […]

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