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Choose your own topping

On Monday (November 9th) we headed to the Instant Ramen Museum.  I know, there’s a whole museum dedicated to instant noodles???  Yes there is!  And actually, it’s pretty interesting and super fun (plus it’s free!).  Everything is in Japanese, but for […]

Long time no see!

Kathy and I spent our last day in Hakone checking out the Hakone Open-Air Museum which, as you probably guessed by the name, is an outdoor museum.  Never been to an outdoor museum before, but it was really interesting.  There […]

No bathing suits allowed

Wednesday, November 4th, we went to check out the famous intersection near Shibuya Station.  It’s a super busy area filled with pedestrians, and when the lights turn red, they ALL turn red at the same time, and people cross the […]

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