22 Things I miss about home when I travel

Whenever I’ve been traveling for a decent amount of time, I always start to miss certain things from home.  It varies depending on what countries I’m visiting and how long I’m traveling for, but these are the things I’m currently missing while traveling around Europe and the Middle East for three months:

1. Food

I miss the variety I have at home.  And cooking for myself.  And leftovers.  And knowing where to go for whatever I’m in the mood for and not always having to look everything up.  And just comfort food like peanut butter and jam sandwiches.  Or kraft dinner (macaroni and cheese).  Milk!  I miss milk!  And eggs!  I really miss eggs!  Basically all dairy (except cheese, I’ve been eating lots of cheese, yummy!).  And bacon.  I so miss bacon.  I just want a breakfast of bacon, eggs and toast!!!  Also poutine.  Yummy, gooey, delicious poutine.  And quesadillas.  And sushi!!!  I have been craving sushi for over a month.  Okay, don’t get me wrong, I love trying new foods but sometimes you just crave home food.  Or not having the same kind of food day after day after day. 



2. My bed 

It’s big and comfy and cozy and I can’t wait to sleep in it when I get home!  Also, there won’t be 5 or more random strangers sleeping in my room snoring away, making noise or turning on lights!



3. My bathroom

It’s not that big, but it’s mine (and only mine) and it’s clean and I have a shower with a good showerhead and good pressure and shower curtains which do not stick to me and a bathtub and all my bath products!!!  And I have real towels!!!  And they’re big and fluffy.  My bathroom also has all my haircare and beauty products which I can’t bring with me when I’m traveling.  I can actually blow dry my hair! I have a toilet that I can flush toilet paper in!  There actually IS toilet paper!  It is also clean, it does not smell and I don’t have to hover over it!!! Also, knowing where available toilets are when I’m out and about.  And that they will be relatively clean.



4. My clothes

Not having to wear the same stuff over and over and over again.  Variety!!! 



6. Doing laundry

I have an in-suite washer/dryer in my apartment and I miss being able to do my laundry whenever I want!  Not knowing when you might be able to do laundry next sucks.  Some hostels have various types of laundry services, but not all, and then you’re stuck searching for a laundromat.   If you’re in a hostel, you have to keep checking on your laundry because other people will want to use the machine too, or if you’re in the laundromat you have to just sit there and wait for your laundry to wash/dry which is so boring (plus you have to figure out how to use the machines).  Some hostels will do your laundry for you but I don’t really like strangers washing my clothes and underwear, and some places charge by the item so it ends up being ridiculously expensive.  I just want to throw my laundry in and forget about it, lol.



7.  My STUFF 

I know we’re not supposed to care about stuff, but you know what?  I LOVE my stuff.  That’s why I have it, cause I love it and want it!



8. Not having to pay to use the toilet!

Seriously Europe, why???  Toilets should always be free, it’s a basic necessity.  Half the time I pay to use a toilet and it’s not even that clean.  At the very least, if you’re going to force me to pay, it should be spotless and well-stocked with toilet paper.



9. Not having to pay for water!

I really hate paying for water and buying bottled water.  Not only is it extra money spent but it’s SO bad for the environment and I try not to do it.  So I get extremely annoyed when I’m in a country where I can drink the water without issue and I go to a restaurant and am forced to pay for water because they won’t just give me a glass of tap water.  If you ask for water in a restaurant in Canada/U.S.A. it is almost always tap water and free. It’s also annoying at the airport when I’m forced to throw out my water to go through security and then there are absolutely no drinking fountains on the other side, so once again I’m forced to buy water or become dehydrated.  Just like toilets, water is a basic necessity and should always be free!!!



10. Fast and reliable wifi and data

I miss my wifi.  And I know we should disconnect and enjoy seeing new places, enjoy nature, etc… and I do, I really do.  But I also have a blog to write and things to look up and social media to keep up with (personal and blog related) and having a shitty wifi connection (or no connection at all) is so extremely frustrating.




11. Not having to think about exchange rates

Trying to figure out if something is expensive or cheap.  Especially when you’ve been traveling to several countries and have been using different currencies with different exchange rates and then forgetting what it is for the country you’re currently in. 





12. Speaking the language

I love languages and I love learning languages, but sometimes when I’ve been traveling for a while in countries where they don’t speak much English/French, I start to miss it.  (Actually, that’s how I ended up seeing Tom Cruise at the premiere of Collateral in Berlin, because I missed English and just wanted to see a movie in English). Sometimes I just want to ask a question and have it answered, easy peasy, without having to mime or write or draw pictures.




13. No haggling

Just seeing a price and knowing that that is the price and that’s what it will be when I get to the till (well, plus taxes, but I’m used to that).  I know some people love bargaining, but it’s not really my thing.  I don’t mind sometimes, but having to do it constantly is exhausting.



14. Not getting harassed 

Not getting beeped at by taxis and busses.  Not constantly getting harassed by people to buy something: just have a look, looking is free!  I don’t enjoy the staff in the stores at home even saying hello to me, so I definitely don’t enjoy constantly being pestered when I’m shopping in a market.  I just want to shop in peace.




15. Having money

Not that I have that much money when I’m home (or that I enjoy working), but at least I’m earning a full paycheque, unlike when I travel and there is no income and it is all just outgoing 🙁




16. Vegging out

Every once in a while, I need one of those nights of just sitting on the couch mindlessly watching tv and just chilling.  Kind of hard to do when you’re backpacking and staying in hostels.  Cause if I do take a day/evening to chill, then I feel guilty for not doing something and wasting precious time in a city/place I might never visit again.  But sometimes I just need a break. 




17. Sleeping in

Another one that I feel guilty about when backpacking (see above).  Backpacking is exhausting.  Late nights, early mornings, being out and about all day sightseeing and exploring.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE it and it’s the best kind of exhausting.  But it’s still exhausting.



18. Snacking

I love snacking.  I snack all the time.  I don’t really eat big meals, I mostly just eat small things every few hours or so, so it’s always hard when I’m staying at someone’s house (or in a hostel) and I can’t just eat whenever I want.  Of course my friends always say help yourself to whatever, but I feel bad eating all their food or accidentally waking them up in the middle of the night when I go to the kitchen, so I just go hungry, lol.




19.  Cocktails

I LOVE cocktails.  I’m really not a fan of beer and I like very few wines (the sweeter the better) so I mostly stick to cocktails (once again, the sweeter the better. Or frozen. Or sour, I really love sour drinks too).  But when I travel to other countries, it’s so much harder to order cocktails.  If they have a cocktail menu then it’s fine, I can find something, but if it’s somewhere where they mostly just serve beer and wine, then I’m at a loss.  I can order a rum and coke type drink, but I don’t really like drinking a lot of pop and I really hate drinking the same thing over and over (I love to mix my drinks) so I find it kind of boring.




20. Singing at the top of my lungs

I love music and I love to sing along loudly!  When you’re traveling and living in hostels you are constantly surrounded by people so it’s kind of hard to sing at the top of your lungs.  I miss belting out my favourite songs!  And singing/dancing in the shower (you definitely don’t get to do that in a hostel)




21. My winter jacket

Most of my trip was really warm, but the last few weeks have been spent in colder countries in late fall/early winter.  My bag was already full but I had packed long johns, a scarf, a sweater and a windbreaker (which of course I lost), so I figured I’d forgo the winter coat because I just didn’t have the space for a big jacket.  It was mostly okay.  But there were a few times when I was kind of freezing and wished I had my nice thick down jacket.



22. Last but not least, and the thing that I miss most:

Not having to lug my giant heavy backpack around, all sweaty and exhausted!!! I HATE carrying that stupid backpack, plus my purse, plus the daypack, plus the extra little bag I have.  I know I could probably pack a bit less, but it’s also hard to pack when you need to be prepared for summer AND winter.  If only I was rich and could just pay someone to lug that stuff around for me.




Oh yeah, I guess I should also include my family and friends. Just kidding!  You know I love and miss you!




So, what do you miss about home when you travel?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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    1. I know, lol. But if the hostel has breakfast included they don’t usually have eggs, and if I don’t have breakfast at the hostel then I usually just grab something on the go, so like a croissant or something. I eat eggs every day at home!

  1. I miss my dog Stella!… I can share and the stress of travel and missing all 21 of these things.
    You must miss whiskey sours!!!

    1. Awwww, Stella!!! I’d miss her too! I sure do miss whiskey sours. And amaretto sours. And dirty hookers. And apple pies. And so many others, lol.

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