The Rat and Parrot

London – November 4, 2001

Just wanted to tell you about my weekend so far, it’s been awesome!!!  On Thursday night, I went to a pub called the Rat and Parrot, where it was cheap drinks night.  Before we went (we being me and my 3 Mexican flat mates), we had a shot of whisky, which wasn’t that bad actually.  And then I ended up having two doubles at the pub, and they were really good.  I’m definitely going back to that pub on Thursdays!  Plus we met these two Swedish girls that were super nice.  They invited me to go visit them back home, which I just might do, because that would be totally cool!  Friday night I went to a salsa club with 3 Australian girls from work, and we had so much fun, we drank and danced all night. We danced with a bunch of different guys, it was a really fun night.



Today I did laundry and then I went to the British Museum with Teresa (she’s a friend of my cousin’s from Vancouver, but she’s been living in London for the past few years), and did a guided tour, which was really interesting.  Afterwards we went out for supper at this Italian restaurant, and she even paid for my supper!  She’s so nice, and we get along really well, we talked for like, ever!  And we might go to Paris for Christmas, because she’s not going home either this year.  That would be fun!  Tomorrow will be good too, as it’s our last day at Uni-Qlo (the new Japanese clothing store where I’ve been temping), so all the temps are going to go out for drinks after.  You can imagine what that’ll be like, we will be about 15-20 people, if not more!!!  Anyway, I hope you’re all having as great a weekend as I am!  Until next time…

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