Say no to parsley

My last day in Paris I did basically nothing.  Well, not nothing, but I didn’t leave the apartment pretty much all day.  I had been thinking I might leave Paris that day so I hadn’t really planned anything to do.  And since […]

Let Them Eat Cake

So I flew from Copenhagen to Paris Orly with Norwegian, a discount airline that is actually pretty good.  No complaints so far and I’ve flown with them twice (plus I’ve joined their frequent flyer program).  I collected my luggage and […]

9 Rules of Freetown

Saturday we were up early to get ready and finish packing.  Then it was time to say goodbye, as Melody was heading home to Boston.  Always sad to say goodbye, but I know we’ll be seeing each other again at […]

My bike is better than your bike

Thursday we got up relatively early and rented the city bikes called Bycyklen, which was really fun.  While I’ve been in several cities that have the city bikes, I’ve never actually rented one before.  And the ones in Copenhagen are really […]

4 flights, 4 countries

So my last few days in Winnipeg before leaving for Europe were pretty hectic.  A lot of very late nights and very early mornings, and working every day up until I left.  It was really hard trying to get everything […]

Europe, here I come!!!

Well, it’s done!  Booked my flights and I’m heading back to Europe in 2 weeks minus 1 day!  I’ve been thinking about it for a while, but I’ve been having trouble picking a departure date and a departure destination.  But […]

Choose your own topping

On Monday (November 9th) we headed to the Instant Ramen Museum.  I know, there’s a whole museum dedicated to instant noodles???  Yes there is!  And actually, it’s pretty interesting and super fun (plus it’s free!).  Everything is in Japanese, but for […]

Long time no see!

Kathy and I spent our last day in Hakone checking out the Hakone Open-Air Museum which, as you probably guessed by the name, is an outdoor museum.  Never been to an outdoor museum before, but it was really interesting.  There […]

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