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Birthdays are the best

So our first day back at the orphanage after Kruger National Park, just happened to be my birthday!!!  And I LOVE my birthday!!!  I was happy to be celebrating in South Africa and with people that I’d become very close […]

The Big 5

So, last time I left off, we were roasting marshmallows after finally having arrived at Panzi Bush Camp.  The camp is really nice, they had showers, which of course made our day.  And they’re really nice showers, the water was hot, […]

Settling in

So after working the entire weekend in the nursery, as well as playing with the older kids, we took the Monday off, as it was a holiday.  We “slept in”, then Roberta and I headed to this aerobics class this […]

Welcome to Soweto!

We left the hostel bright and early Friday morning and after dropping off four of the group at the bus depot, we headed on to the orphanage (called Othandweni) to start volunteering.  We arrived there very early, so the volunteers […]

Finally, South Africa

So I flew from Sydney, Australia to Johannesburg, South Africa on August 3rd.  My flight landed an hour early, so there was no one there to greet me when I arrived, so I just hung out in the arrivals area, […]

South Africa here I come!

I’ve been accepted!!!  I received the email today, I’ve been accepted to the volunteer program, and I’m heading to South Africa.  I’m beyond excited, I’ve been wanting to visit SA since I lived in London in 2001 with two Saffer […]

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